4 Resolutions for Every New [or Future] Homeowner

4 Resolutions for Every New [or Future] Homeowner

With the new year just around the corner, it’s time to make some resolutions! Check out our top 4 resolutions you should make as a homeowner.

We know you’re still thinking about Christmas tree lights and virtual Santa visits, but January is just around the corner … and it’s time to make some resolutions. First on that list is… buy a new home. You’ve been waiting for so long. And, you’ve earned it. This holiday season, coupled with a long quarantine at home with your family, has shown you that you need a bigger space that is all your own – one that can grow with you. Verde Ranch Estates in Camp Verde, Arizona offers brand-new, affordable, luxury manufactured homes in a gated neighborhood. The amenities are unbelievable, from a heated pool to a resort-style clubhouse. Since we already know what No. 1 is on your list, now let’s dive into a few more resolutions you should make this year.

  1. Paint the walls. Yes, you can do it later, but the longer you live in the home, the more it will fall to the bottom of your priority list. If you want a bright color, a calm neutral or a warm inviting shade, now is the time to do it. Bonus: If you paint before you move in, you won’t have to cover furniture.
  2. Landscape your backyard. At Verde Ranch Estates, homes have an upgrade option for a fenced-in backyard. Start making landscaping plans now, and shop before the spring rush at the home improvement stores. Get your sod in or concrete poured and plan out desert landscape that will fit the Arizona climate.
  3. Replace the things that make you cringe. Do you have an old piece of furniture that haunts you in your sleep or mismatched chairs from your days of apartment jumping? Don’t bring it with you. It’s time to toss it. Start the new year with things that make you happy and build upon that. You can slowly add in more pieces that you love, once you have a good base.

Resolve to conquer your resolutions this year. To learn more about Verde Ranch Estates, schedule a new home tour today by calling  928-482-2607.  

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