How to live your best snowbird life

How to live your best snowbird life

Whether it’s your first snowbird season or your tenth, here are four ways to live your best snowbird life this year.

Just in a blink of an eye, the  snowbird season is officially upon us. For most travelers, they’re looking to escape the gloomy winters in exchange for warmer weather westward. According to AARP, each year Arizona welcomes more than 10 million tourists and snowbirds during the winter months. Of that population, most consist of retirees. But, this year with COVID-19 impacting travel and many still working remotely, there has been an increase in young families and individuals opting for the snowbird lifestyle. Whether it’s your first season or your tenth, here are four ways to live your best snowbird life this year. Pick a destination that fits your needs Are you looking to relax on a beach? Or looking for a destination that provides an outdoor adventure? These are two important questions to ask before picking a new home. Familiarize yourself with a destination’s website or social media channels to see if you can envision yourself staying there. It’s important to remember that this is not a vacation, it’s a lifestyle change, so choose wisely. Know your destination’s COVID-19 restrictions Before traveling, take some time to read over your destination’s COVID-19 restrictions and requirements. This information can be found on the local health department’s website. Be sure to research if the state you’re traveling into requires a negative COVID test upon entry or a two-week quarantine. Knowing this information beforehand will ensure you have all the resources ready and won’t derail any plans upon your arrival. Socialize and make new friends Being away from your home, friends and family can be challenging – especially for long periods. Luckily for travelers, safe social engagement is extremely easy in the RVing community. Many snowbirds often travel just to see those friends they meet every year. Cook an outdoor dinner, schedule a socially-distant game night, or plan a happy hour. There is an endless amount of memories to be made when you’re a traveling snowbird. Create a budget             Life on the road can quickly add up. Expenses such as gas, maintenance for the RV and meals are all factors to consider when planning a budget. When selecting a destination, be sure to visit their website beforehand to see if there are any special promotions for snowbirds. By doing so, you’ll save a substantial amount of money, before you even hit the road! Here are some ways to budget:

  • Rent out your property at home to make some extra money while away
  • Opt for cooking in your RV and limit takeout meals
  • Avoid visiting local attractions during peak times (i.e. weekends)
  • Consolidate electronics

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