Camp Verde’s Best Wineries

Verde Valley, nestled in unsuspecting Arizona, is the wine industry’s growing treasure. This region unveils a unique viticulture unlike Napa, and here are two of Camp Verde’s Best Wineries to introduce you. Each winery has its own atmosphere, from the rich history and lush vineyards to hybrid Chardonnay blends and classic Cabernet Sauvignon varietals.

Salt Mine Wine

Surrounded by the Verde River, a salt mine, pecan groves, small farms and roadside produce stands, Salt Mine Vineyard & Winery’s backdrop creates a luxurious and quaint atmosphere for wine tasting. Divulge in a ravishing selection of Italian varietals, such as Malvasia Bianca and Sangiovese, harvested from an area of historical and contemporary small-scale agriculture. You see, there’s more to this winery than what you can sip and savor as the vineyard itself sits on the cusp of one of only three prehistoric salt mines in the state, and also serves as a Monarch Butterfly Waystation crucial to breeding and migration.

With an intriguing narrative and exclusive Italian varietals, Salt Mine Wine is the quintessential wine detour to experience northern Arizona’s budding wine region.

Clear Creek Vineyard & Winery

Clear Creek Vineyard & Winery is known for its Rio Claro Wines, individually hand-crafted with limited production and unique in style. Take a walk along the picturesque vineyards as you sip on a red blend varietal and indulge on the winery experience with views of the crystal-clear pond and mountain vistas.

These estate wines are grown, fermented and bottled from vineyard to winery in one central location in Camp Verde, Arizona, using only sustainably grown grapes. Clear Creek Vineyard & Winery is the first winery to receive the Silver Innovator Sustainability Certification in Arizona, by using organic irrigation and growth methods to avoid pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

As an estate boutique winery with hybrid varietals sure to make your taste buds sing, an afternoon here will make any wine enthusiast appreciate sustainable farming and the extra attention to detail and efforts to produce a divine glass of wine.