Camp Verde’s Dark Sky

Stargazing isn’t just for kids and astronomers; witness the wonders of our solar system in Camp Verde, Arizona and experience the night sky unlike anywhere else. As part of the “central Arizona phenomenon,” the skies blanketing the town of Camp Verde create a remarkable stargazing ambiance that no camera could capture.

The art of darkness preserves the nighttime environment, a contributor of healthy wildlife and a crucial resource to all life on Earth. Experiencing the night sky provides perspective, inspiration and natural well-being, while often leading us to reflect on our humanity and place in the universe. These true benefits of the night sky are amplified in an International Dark Sky Community, such as Camp Verde.

Designated as an International Dark Sky Community in March 2018, Camp Verde is continuously recognized for its remarkable conservation of the night sky. The town offers programs highlighting stargazing and provides education on the need for less light pollution.

Come visit Camp Verde’s beautiful dark skies or celebrate with the International Dark Sky Community at stargazing events, such as the annual Dark Sky Festival and various Star Parties. Discover the art of darkness and its constellations, star clusters, galaxies, planets and more.

Experience it first-hand at Verde Ranch RV Resort, where ambience and relaxation meet wonder. The Dark Sky designation and the presence of the Verde River running through the property sets guests up for spectacular stargazing at Verde Ranch RV Resort.