Every Must-Have for RV Owners

There are many RV accessories, gadgets and gizmos on the market. To help you sift through all the options, here are five top-rated RV must-haves.


Amplify your camping experience with a silent generator. While many camping sites offer full hookup, don’t risk not having power. Come prepared with your own generator. A generator can provide power for all your electronic amenities like a television, microwave, air-conditioning, refrigerator and much more.


Take your connection wherever you go! Not all RV parks provide WIFI for their guests, so come prepared with your own personal hotspot. These small devices will give you dependable connection even when you’re driving in between the highest of mountains.

Tool Set

The No. 1 rule of travel: Safety first! Every RV should come equipped with an emergency first aid kit. Adventures in the great outdoors might bring along some bumps and bruises. Get ahead of it and come prepared with a handy first aid kit.

Supplies should include band aids, gauze pads, nitrile gloves, scissors, splinter remover, ointment, alcohol whips, antiseptic towelettes and an ice pack.

 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Avoid blowing out a tire while driving on the highway, by investing money in a tire pressure monitoring system. While this must-have is a bit pricier compared to the others, it will give campers peace of mind knowing they will reach their destination.

Patio Mat & Camp Chairs

Home is where you park it, so make sure wherever you park your RV that it feels like home! This small touch will make anywhere you go feel cozy. A patio mat will also keep all the dirt, leaves and rocks at bay.

Nights in the great outdoors calls for stargazing, roasting smores and lively conversations. Make sure to bring ample number of chairs to accommodate all your campers and neighbors. Opt for the folding chairs, as they are easier to lug around and don’t take up as much space in your camper.