How to Build Community in an All-Ages Neighborhood

Neighbors are great. They watch over your house when you’re away, help lift heavy furniture, babysit pets and let you borrow a can of soup, when you run out while cooking. Whatever the situation – having a strong community makes life easier and better. There is a fellowship of shared experience that comes from living in the same place.

When living in an all-ages neighborhood, the dynamic is only enhanced. Each resident, from the single, hard-working nurse to the young family or retired couple, has a unique experience to share. Building relationships across generational lines brings perspective and makes a community stronger.

But what happens when you move? Or even – what happens when you relocate to a brand-new neighborhood that is still being developed? If everyone is new at the same time, it’s tough to find a starting point. There are no established groups, activities or traditions. While some may find this challenging, it’s also very exciting. It’s an opportunity to make your neighborhood everything you have imagined.

Here are five, COVID-19 friendly tips for establishing a community in a new, all-ages neighborhood.

Connect Digitally

Create a group on Facebook or join Nextdoor. Both platforms will allow you to network and build relationships with neighbors who use social media. You can share information, schedule events or buy/sell items.

Host an Event

Use the holidays as an excuse to host a socially-distant event. Fall is often the best time to meet neighbors. Organize an in-person or virtual event for trick-or-treating and mingling. Look ahead to the winter holidays and plan a block party where everyone sits 6-feet apart outside.

Create a Group

Often, starting with a small group is the way to go. Coordinate a virtual Bunco night with ladies in the neighborhood, organize a play date for the kids or host a reoccurring poker night with the guys. Creating these social niches will allow you to grow your connections.

Start a Neighborhood Watch

Community revolves around keeping each other safe. There is no better way to do this than to coordinate with the local police department and start a neighborhood watch program. Commit to looking after the homes on your street and reporting any suspicious activity.

Get Outside

There is still something to be said for the front porch. Getting to know your neighbors starts with being outside of your home (now more than ever). Have the kids play outside, do yard work on the weekends, enjoy your morning coffee on the porch or hang out at the pool, park or any shared community spaces. Be open and willing to make friends with passersby.

Verde Ranch Estates is an all-ages neighborhood that allows residents to enjoy a lifestyle of casual luxury. New homes are available for rent or purchase. The amenities, including clubhouse, pool and fitness center, are open to all.